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The International Antonin Dvorak Vocal Centre in Karlovy Vary supports opera and concert art of young vocalists who are often standing at the beginning of their artistic career.

In addition to its main activity – the International Antonin Dvorak Singing Competition in November - the Vocal Centre organizes vocal interpretation seminars every year, usually for one week in winter months. The traditional master class work with significant world-known pedagogues is complemented by cooperation with conductor and by practice with orchestra. At the end of the seminar the public opera concert of chosen participants with Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra is taking place.

In the seminar annually


there are taking place more than 20 young singers from many countries of the world:

From the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Island, Russia, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Japan, U.S.A., Mexiko and others.





The main mission of the Master Singing Courses is:

  1. The meeting and practice of singers with the conductor and orchestra.
    For the work with orchestra the participants have to prepare 3 arias sung by heart, chosen from the repertoary annex of the seminar.
    The organizer guarantees minimum of 3 active rehearsals with the orchestra. Allparticipantsof the seminar perform


    at a public concert, according to their voice disposition and ability they are chosen for the Chamber opera concert with piano and/or for the Final opera concert with orchestra.

  2. The pedagogic and artistic work of professors with participants represents a significant part of the workshop, above all impro


    vement of interpretation of specific styles, songs and arias, on the precise performing in the original language etc. The pedagogues won´t mostly work on the young singers´ vocal technique attained during their previous studies. All participants work in turns with all, mostly three professors of the Master Singing Courses in Karlovy Vary.


At the end of the Master Singing Courses at a small party the participants of the seminar get a certificate of participation in the seminar signed by all pedagogues and by the conductor as well as a common photograph.

In frame of the seminar fee there is also included the accommodation in a standard hotel in the centre of the spa city Karlovy Vary.