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Antonin Dvorak's International Singing Competition

01. - 8. 11. 2024 / Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic




The International Antonin Dvorak Singing Competition has been established in Karlovy Vary more than 45 years ago. The Competition , initially for students of art schools, over the years became recognized international competition. Every year there are taking part 80 – 110 singers, practically from the whole world, in the fields OPERA, JUNIOR and SONG.

In the contest of the SONG the special emphasises is placed on interpretation of contemporary creation besides the songs by Antonin Dvorak and songs of the romantic period.

The contests for the JUNIOR (up to 24 years of age included) and OPERA (up to 35 years of age included) run in three rounds. In the first two rounds with piano accompaniment among competition tasks there are arias from the period of baroque, classicism, romantism, creation by Antonin Dvorak till the works of the 20th century. The third round of the contest of JUNIOR and OPERA – one aria of the contestant´s choice , as well as the concert of laureates – the finalists of the competition are singing with the Karlovy Vary Sympphony Orchestra.


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